Premi – a premium
signature brand

Ask a chef how to pick the ingredients to make an exceptional dish. You will get a convincing answer: get fresh quality ingredients.

Once you step in the kitchen and pick up an utensil to cook, you become a chef and your kitchen turns into a fancy Michelin-starred restaurant.

Choose the recipe, prepare the ingredients and be a talented chef!


What Premi really stands for

Premi sunflower oil is a basic yet perfect ingredient for cooking at all levels. Whether an experienced food professional or a busy
parent after a tiring day at work, you will admire the easiness of cooking with Premi.


Premi’s flavor is subtle and its aroma is barely
there. The unique refining system maximizes the
retention of beneficial nutrients, yet preserving
the original flavour of your dish.


Premi is created from selected sunflower seeds,
grown in the east of Europe, where the climate is
best-suited for sunflowers cultivation.


Premi is refined using special SoftColumnTM
technology. While traditionally sunflower oils are
refined at temperatures 240-250°C, Premi is
processed at 220-225°C. It ensures the retention
of beneficial nutrients (vitamins A, C and E), but
prevents formation of carcinogens resulting from
using high heat in conventional refining.


The lower temperatures utilized in Premi
production allow you to use Premi for high-heat
cooking. It means Premi will last longer than
other oils.


For maximum convenience, Premi is bottled
in different volumes: 1 litre, 1.6 litres, 3 litres and 5 litres.
Due to a special design, the bottle fits the hand
perfectly. It is easy to hold and provides
controlled pouring.

Enjoy your cooking!

Premi sunflower oil meets the highest international quality standards. Premi Oil, created for real professionals, will transform your daily cooking into easy and joyful experience.

  • Quality is paramount. Do you want to cook a delicious meal? Choose only high-quality ingredients. I know my
    ingredients well and choose the ones I trust. How do I choose cooking oil? I just keep an eye on it, if it lasts long
    enough while deep-frying, how pure it is, and how quickly it cooks away. Premi meets my expectations at all levels.
    It doesn’t smell. And minimum amount lasts long!

    Ricardo top Italian chef from Portofino
    Sicilian Arancini
    • Cooked risotto rice 250 g
    • Parmesan 100 g
    • Eggs 3
    • Mozzarella 170 g
    • Grean pears 50 g
    • Premi Sunflower Oil
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Mix the well-cooled cooked risotto rice with
      2 beaten eggs
    • Form the risotto and parmesan mixture
      into balls
    • Insert a cube of mozzarella and some peas into
      the centre of each ball
    • Roll the arancini in flour, then in beaten egg,
      and coat with breadcrumbs
    • Fry in Premi first-class oil until golden brown
  • Food professionals obviously use professional equipment and utensils. The same goes for the ingredients we use in
    a restaurant kitchen. Premi oil is simply excellent! The bottle is easy to hold. It’s transparent, so I can see how much
    I am pouring. It basically brings out the best flavour of your dish.

    Ahmed Chef from Munhen
    Vegetables stir-fried in a ginger and sesame sauce
    • Aubergines 2
    • Sweet peppers 2
    • Button mushrooms 100 g
    • Small courgettes 2
    • Premi sunflower oil
    • Soy sauce 100 ml
    • Vegetable stock 100 ml
    • Brown sugar 50 g
    • Rice vinegar 1.5 tbs
    • Sesame oil 1 tbs
    • Corn flour 1 tbs
    • Water 3 tbs
    • Grated ginger 1 tbs
    • Finely chopped garlic 1 tbs
    • Gradually fry all the vegetables one-by-one in
      a large quantity of Premi high-quality oil
    • Fry the ginger and garlic for 30 seconds in a
      wok and prepare the sauce, adding to
      the mixture soy sauce, stock, sugar, vinegar,
      sesame oil, corn flour and water
    • Cook the vegetables until well heated
      through, sprinkle with sesame seeds and
      serve with the sauce
  • I appreciate the fact that all the vitamins are retained in the oil. I cook for my kids, so nutrition is very important
    to my family. We prefer healthy foods, so Premi oil, after being gently refined, is what we need.

    Maria Chef from Jurmala
    Lithuanian-style fried herring with onion sauce
    • Fresh herrings 4
    • Onions 4
    • Milk 100 g
    • Oatmeal flour
    • Butter 150 g
    • Eggs 2
    • Premi sunflower oil
    • Clean, wash and dry the herrings
    • Coat the fish in oatmeal flour, wash in the
      beaten eggs and fry in Premi finest oil
    • To make the sauce, heat 4 tablespoons
      of oatmeal flour with the milk in a frying pan
    • Add onions, season with salt and sugar to taste
    • Serve the herring on a platter with the sauce



For maximum convenience, Premi is offered in ergonomicaly-shaped bottles of different volumes: 3 and 5 litres.
Due to a special design, the bottle shape ideally fits your hand, providing maximum convenience while you’re cooking.
Enjoy cooking new masterpieces with the oil meeting the highest international standards. Premi Oil, created for real
professionals, will transform the everyday ritual of cooking into joyful and carefree artistry.

    1 litre
    1.6 litres
    3 litres
    5 litres

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